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If you have been living with a chronic condition such as back pain, joint pain and frequent headaches, there are numerous forms of therapy available for relief. To effectively treat these ailments, therapies tailored specifically for the individual are necessary. Although pain medication is an option, there should be supplementing, healing treatments so dependency doesn’t become a problem. Massage therapy with a holistic approach is helping many find relief as well as recovery.

Massage Tailored to Your Needs

Massage therapy has been proven to relax sore muscles, ease nerve pain and increase flexibility, among other benefits. When a holistic approach is taken, massage therapy can also calm anxiety and relieve stress. This is good news because chronic pain is usually also accompanied by various forms of mental and emotional strain.

Holistic therapy is based on treating the whole individual with the understanding that every part of a human being is connected. What causes physical pain can cause emotional pain and vice versa. There is an extensive list of various massage therapies that can be applied for treating pain and anxiety. However, some prominent holistic massage therapies are known to work well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy makes use of one or more alternative treatments to bring the patient’s body back into a natural balance. This is called the ying-yang balance by traditional practitioners of this and similar treatments. Acupuncture, acupressure and other alternative treatments are used along with massage therapy to encourage healing.

To improve the circulations of patients, a treatment called cupping might be used in traditional Chinese medicine treatments. This is when a specialized cup is placed on the patient’s back and other parts of the body. The practitioner will create suction in the cups to pull the blood to the surface of the skin. While this might sound unconvincing to many, there is evidence that cupping relieves chronic conditions like back pain.


Acupressure treatments are based on the same principle of manipulating bodily pressure points, which are called meridians. The kneading work is done with the tips of the fingers. Patients of chronic pain tend to respond positively to this combination of massage and acupressure in just a few treatments.

If you are struggling with chronic pain or anxiety, there is a combination of therapies that can benefit you. Touching bases with your doctor before deciding on any treatment is highly recommended.